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Suvanabhumi Airport-Pattaya Bus (389 Bus)

Airport Pattaya Bus is a legitimate bus operator offering direct airport transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport also known as Bangkok International Airport. The company is the only bus operator granted a concession from The Department of Transportation of Thailand to operate a bus route between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Pattaya. Passengers seeking a safe, convenient and affordable way to travel have trusted Airport Pattaya Bus transportation service over the past several years. With many buses operating 7 days a week and pre-scheduled bus service, passengers can, in advance, plan their trips and have room for some flexibility.

Regulated by the government, Airport Pattaya Bus has met the legal safety standards and worked further to provide passengers with necessary amenities for their convenience. In addition, Airport Pattaya Bus has a partnership with Bell Travel Service Co., Ltd., a private bus operator, which provides door-to-door and private transfer service between Suvarnabhumi Airport and Pattaya.

Terms & Conditions
  1. All luggage must be clearly labeled with the owner's name and destination address.
  2. Airport-Pattaya bus advises that the following items should not be included in luggage. Please note, we will not accept any liability for damages or loss of these items:
    • Cash and/or cash equivalent;
    • Jewelry, antiques or similar valuable items;
    • Any fragile items (e.g. glassware);
    • Electrical or electronic components (e.g. laptop).
  3. Airport-Pattaya bus handles passenger luggage with the best possible care. However, a passenger's property is carried entirely at their own risk and Airport-Pattaya bus accepts no responsibility for loss or damages. Passengers are therefore advised to carry travel insurance to insure their property.
  4. Airport-Pattaya bus vehicles are fully insured for passengers and third party claims, as required under local law.
  5. Smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages are not permitted while traveling on Airport-Pattaya bus vehicles.
  6. We do not supply baby seats or child booster seats for your children.
  7. Airport-Pattaya bus will do its best to supply all their passengers with optimal comfort and convenience while traveling to their destination. However, Airport-Pattaya bus is not responsible for any liabilities occurring beyond its control, such as accidents causing delays to the vehicle, restricted vehicular access, exceptional or severe weather conditions, compliance with requests of the police, deaths and accidents on the road, unforeseen traffic delays, any actions by third parties, problems caused by other customers, the vehicle being held or delayed by a police officer or government official or any other circumstances that may affect passenger delays and safety.
  8. If you have feedback relating to your journey after you have travelled please use the contact us form to submit your feedback to the airportpattayabus Customer Service Team. The team will endeavour to provide a response within 10 working days, either to confirm your feedback is being investigated or provide a full response. This feedback must be submitted via our contact us form within 28 days of the date of travel. airportpattayabus are not able to investigate complaints/issues received more than 28 days after the date of travel.

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